Audio / Video

Audio / Video


A complete AMX solution consists of a mixture of AMX hardware, AMX software and AV hardware. These products include video conferencing and audio conferencing systems, DVD and Blu-Ray players, LCD displays, projectors, laptops and room PCs. These products are controlled by an AMX system that’s composed of products in three broad categories:


1. The Room Solution: This is the equipment that manages the entire meeting experience, including the user interface, the behind-the-scenes switching and control, and the connection points to the system.


User Interface– The user interface is typically located on the conference table and enables meeting participants to control the room environment by pushing buttons or icons, thereby simplifying the meeting experience and eliminating the need for a stack of remotes.

Switching and Control – The controller or switcher is typically installed in an equipment rack, credenza or other specified place. Its job is to manage all the audio and video content being fed from various source devices (video conferencing systems, DVD players, laptops) to various output devices (LCD displays, projectors).

Device Connectivity and Access to Content – These products allow meeting participants to access content, either by connecting their device via a cable or USB port or accessing files from the web or cloud. Some of these products also allow participants to charge or power their devices directly from the table.

Environmental Control – Many conference rooms include sensor technologies that control lighting and other systems based on the room’s occupancy.



2. Configuration Software: Communication Management uses AMX software to configure and set up your complete AV system per site specific requirements.


3. Management Software: AMX’s Resource Management Suite (RMS) allows you to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot all your AV assets from a central location.





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